6 Ways You Can Earn by Doing Genuine Work from Home Jobs in India

How to make money without doing a day job’ seems to be the life goal of many Indians now.

In recent times, online jobs have become quite popular among a section of young Indians, primarily urban and suburban, who want to make money while working online.

Here are some of the best ways to ditch your day job and still haul in a lot of money by working from home.

Using your Smartphone

A lady using smartphone to earn money online

Smartphone has gradually become an inevitable part of our daily life and it is evident from the tremendous growth of the mobile phone manufacturers in and outside India.

It is also reckoned as a tool for earning where apps work as a catalyst.

You can develop your own business model with just a Smartphone in your possession.

Look up the app marketplaces to find out apps that just require you to share some things to earn few thousand rupees every month.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

A lot of businesses these days invest in SEO or search engine optimization to take their websites up the search rankings.

If you can manage a few simple aspects of SEO, such as article publishing or social media posting, you can become an asset for a bigger SEO firm within a few days and earn a good amount of money every month.

Web designing

Earn with web design

In India, web design jobs are rapidly increasing as every entrepreneur now wants to have a business website for their business.

If you can learn web designing online or in some informal school, you can easily start designing websites, which is a good income source considering the present scenario for businesses in India.

A lot of startups are coming up, and they need you – the web designer with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Online survey

Yes, online survey sites are popular among a section of work-from-home job enthusiasts in India.

But there are few online survey sites that provide extra income opportunity and you can search for those sites and earn profit by visiting those online survey sites.

These are usually not known to most of the people choosing this as a career option, so you need to do a bit of research to find these websites out.

Using Fiverr

Fiverr Logo

For freelancers in Asia, Fiverr has long been a credible source of income.

Imagine an online marketplace for writers, designers, developers and marketers who have their unique trade cries.

Now think about your own shop from where you can sell whatever you specialize in. That’s Fiverr in a nutshell.

Online writing jobs

Earn with online writing jobs

If you are good enough in writing, you can earn a lot of money every month through content writing.

There are quite a few good websites (like the one above) where you can interact with prospective clients one-on-one and sell your articles, PRs, blogs and e-books.

Content developers are always in demand in North America and Europe and there are businesses that are constantly on a lookout for exceptionally good writers from India.

So tap the opportunity before it’s too late.

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